Q: How do you pick the attorneys on your site?

A: We use a metric based on three criteria: 1) experience in the specific practice area, 2) years of practice overall, and 3) public presence.

Q: What is “public presence?”

A: Public presence is a manual review that our staff does to rate the prospective attorney’s social media presence, online reviews, standing in the profession, publications, and news presence. Since this company is attorney-owned, we know what to look for in a high-quality attorney.

Q: What kind of experience do you require?

A: We require no less than 3 years of practice in the attorney’s practice area and 5 years of overall practice.

Q: How many practice areas are there?

A: We use 18 core practice areas. Each attorney who qualifies for the core practice area gets attributed to the sub-practice areas. For example, Personal Injury is a core practice area and Dog Bites is a sub-practice area of personal injury. We know that some personal injury attorneys don’t do dog bite cases. If you run into this, the personal injury attorney is in the best position to refer you to a specialist in that sub-practice area.

Q: Does firm size matter?

A: Depending on your needs, firm size could be very important. If you want to sue a hospital or put together a class action case, then you will certainly need a larger firm because these types of cases often require a substantial investment by the firm. If you need somebody to represent you for a traffic incident or to write a power of attorney, then firm size may not be as important.